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4G Solution

       In 4G era, data services are concentrated indoors, and higher requirements are placed on indoor coverage. Indoors are the key LTE coverage and operation scenarios. Good performance quality is the key. Traditional indoor coverage has difficulties in coordinating sites construction, large investment in indoor, and monitoring. Difficult management, difficult network testing, and difficult fault location. In the era of operator traffic management, a more economical indoor coverage method is needed. In order to achieve low-cost and high-yield traffic management, a new type with more accurate coverage and more convenient construction indoor coverage solution.
       4G LTE small cell products (including residential, enterprise-level, distributed, and integrated high-power) can quickly and easily cover 4G wireless networks to any desired site through existing multiple backhaul access methods The small cell network has similar data and voice communication capabilities to solve the difficulties of traditional indoor coverage and macro base stations; the indoor coverage is weak and there are many blind spots; the problem of large communication interference and poor results improves the user experience and reduces the cost of sites construction. At the same time, it realizes plug-and-play and remote management of equipment through HEMS, which reduces operating investment to the greatest extent and improves the user's 4G network experience.